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Lightspeed Point of Sale

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Transform your front counter

LightSpeed is just what you need to transform your front counter into a powerful and intuitive POS that accelerates sales by giving your salespersons all the tools required to sell more and satisfy customers. All within a robust and cutting edge interface that organizes information and streamlines workflows.


Set preferences for sales stations and individual users that give you absolute control to manage vital settings, including printer setup, default search types, and access privileges. LightSpeed supports all type of payments: Cash, Credit, Cheque, Debit, Loan, Lease, Store Credit and Store Cards. Add new payment types as you grow. Sell and redeem Gift Cards at any of your stores. LightSpeed doesn’t lock you into proprietary hardware or credit card processing gateways. Built-in support for standard debit and credit card processing services lets you choose the services you want, and switch services at any time.

Button Mode

Use touchscreen-friendly Button Mode to rapidly drill down through your own customized categories.


Your retail command center Save time and stay on top with LightSpeed, and get a clear overview of your retail operation in an instant.

Works like iTunes

Browse your business as simply as you browse playlists in iTunes, viewing your products and customers graphically in Cover Flow. Access LightSpeed’s powerful Sales, Service, Tracking and Purchasing tools, all from within a single streamlined interface. Receive instant notification of critical developments, such as new product arrivals, calls to return, or customers with outstanding balances. Use LightSpeed’s one-click purchasing to handle order requests and multiple suppliers with ease.

Browse, Search, Track, Export

Create Trackers that keep you and your team coordinated with dynamic lists of every customer or document that requires action. Use the Browser Export feature to export lists that can be opened with any commonly-used spreadsheet software. Use the Mac’s built-in iSight camera to effortlessly capture product and customer photos on-the-fly. Use the Search All feature to search every corner of your business. Park frequently-used items in the Parking zone. Browse live previews of products, customers and sales documents.

Power Your Workflows

Create your own workflows to improve efficiency, and the performance of each person in your organization. Use LightSpeed to track outstanding quotes and notify salespeople when the customer is ready to buy. Automate processes for service technicians to book in customer equipment, record labor, and order parts for repair jobs. Provide store managers with a view into the day’s sales as they happen along with the ability to zero in on issues that need extra attention. Let clerks swap out tills for greater control of their cash-outs. LightSpeed provides retailers with a comprehensive suite of retail tools for the iGeneration, whether they’re operating in traditional stores, in pop-up locations, at trade shows, conferences or special events,
or online.


LightSpeed’s easy-to-configure and simple-to-maintain multi-store functionality allows retailers to expand to multiple locations with confidence and offer big-box conveniences and personalized service to customers.